Equity Wholesalers, was founded by Mike Ivie in 2007 as a real estate investment and development firm. Currently, Equity Wholesalers is a leader in creating innovative deal structures that are tailored to the needs of Institutional and Private Real Estate Investors.  


Equity Wholesalers offers all types of real estate investment opportunities. Whether you are looking to buy and hold - or just invest in fix and flip real estate deals – Equity Wholesalers can help you.


For nearly three decades, Equity Wholesalers has taken the guesswork out of where and when to invest in Charlotte metro area.Finding the right investment property is a time consuming process and time is money. Equity Investments can show you how you can make money on your real estate investments instead of driving around town searching for them.


Nervous or unsure about an investment? Equity Wholesalers, for a nominal fee, will also consult on any type of real estate deal you what to venture into or you maybe just considering it and want someone on your side. With over 28 years experience, Equity can help you evaluate your deal and be your support thru the whole transaction. Equity has consulted on several hundred deals and helped investors make a good sound decision. With our one on one help,  it makes buying in Charlotte a breeze.


Investors who live outside the state can get a second opinion and a second set of eyes to help make what might be a very expensive mistake. Our goal is to help investors make good decisions and succeed in making their goals a reality.


We’re ready to work for you, so please contact us with any real estate or investment questions at mike@equitywholesalers.com.

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